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Mike AldrichBorn and raised in Michigan, Mike’s introduction to hunting over pointing dogs took place in the late 1950’s.  After years of hunting over other peoples dogs he finally purchased his first Shorthair in 1966.  He joined the local GSP club and over the next 30 years held many positions with that club.  By 1970 Mike developed an interest in field trialing and purchased a dog for that specific purpose.  Since then it has been one steady outlay of cash and continued participation in all phases of the sport.  He was  FT secretary for the 1977 and 1987 German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America (AKC) National Amateur Championship and has also been National FT Chairman or Co-Chairman on eight occasions.

In 1982 Mike volunteered to produce the national catalog for the National German Shorthaired Pointer Association (AF) and soon was on the Board.  He continued to produce that catalog for the next 14 years.  Mike has served seven years as organization Secretary, four years as Treasurer, and five years as President.  In addition to that he has served as National FT Chairman or Secretary on several occasions.  He has been a Board member for all but a couple of those 30 years.  For the last five years Mike has been a member of the Birddog Foundation Board of Directors representing the interests of the German Shorthaired Pointer world.  For his service to the NGSPA Mike received the prestigious McGinnis Award presented to those who have given unselfishly of themselves and their resources to nurture and perpetuate the goals of the organization.

In 2000 Mike went to work for the American Kennel Club as a Field Rep which he retired from in May 2008.  During his time with AKC his job was to attend events, develop and present seminars, and modernize the pointing dog Rules and Procedures manual which included a system for educating and approving individuals to judge licensed pointing breed field trials. 
Mike has owned many very competitive Shorthairs two of which have won the NGSPA National Amateur Championship.  Those two being, Pipeline’s Lucky Lady in 1986 and Chicoree’s Cherokee Jake in 1993.  He will admit training dogs is not his greatest pleasure.  Those two dogs were trained by John Steger but trialed and hunted extensively by Mike.

He has judged extensively for both American Field and AKC trials which includes over 40 American Field Championships for all breeds.  Mike has always made himself available to do whatever is needed, trying to be an example for others.  His latest endeavor is to bring the NGSPA into the 21st century by developing a user friendly website which includes all the forms and information necessary for clubs and individuals.  He admits it is a work in progress.

Mike will tell you what he has given to this sport in no ways compares to what he has received.  His circle of friends is almost entirely made up of “dog people”.  They share a common interest or bond in life that includes great dogs, a healthy lifestyle, and most of all great friendships.     





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