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3/7/88 – 5/18/2003

Rawhide's Clown

Rawhide’s Clown, German Shorthaired Pointer male was whelped March 7, 1988, out of a mating of Jigs White Smoke and Rawhide’s Josie Wells.  Rawhide’s Clown was bred by         Martin K. Wyant II of Omaha, Nebraska, owned by Dierk Davis of Terre Haute, Indiana, and handled to his wins by Don Paltani of Belleville, Nebraska.

Rawhide’s Clown was an early winner in Shorthair field trial competition.  He was ranked the number one puppy-derby dog in 1990 after having numerous placements in puppy and derby competition.  His derby placements included winning the 1989 German Shorthaired National Pointer Club’s (American Kennel Club) National Futurity, placing second in the 1990 National German Shorthaired Pointer Club (American Field) National Futurity, and going runner-up in the 1990 National German Pointing Dog (American Field) Derby Classic.

Rawhide’s Clown excelled in all-age Shorthair competition.  He won his first broke dog stake at the age of 25 months and over the course of his career he had nine first placements, seven second placements, three third placements and five fourth placements in AKC field trial competition.  He won the 1992, 1993, and 1994 German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America (GSPCA) All-Age National Championship the only Shorthair to have ever won this event three times. In National German Shorthaired Pointer Competition (NGSPA) competition he won the NGSPA Region 17, went runner-up in the 1993 NGSPA National Championship and also went runner-up in NGSPA Region 5, Region 8, and Region 17 All-Age Stakes.

Over the course of his career Rawhide’s Clown was the GSPCA Sire of the Year on six occasions and NGSPA Sire of the Year on two occasions.  Rawhide’s Clown is the number two all time leading sire of AKC Field Champions with 54 of his progeny having obtained their field championship title.  The American Field, Field Dog Stud Book, reflects that Rawhide’s Clown sired 54 winners who amassed 403 wins and placements.  In addition, Rawhide’s Clown sired several dogs that amassed other AKC titles and numerous Shorthairs that obtained titles in National Shoot-to-Retrieve competition.  He proved to be a very prepotent sire whose influence is still impacting field German Shorthaired Pointers.


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