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DC Kay vd Wildburg

Kay vd Wildburg

Kay V D Wildburg, Male, Field Dog Stud Book # 571273, was whelped on March 15, 1956, in Germany out of a mating of Pol V Blitzdorf—Cora V Wesertor by breeder F. Gummer Diepholz.  Kay was imported from Germany by Bodo S. Winterhelt of Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada, with money fronted by Walter Kogut of Brantford, Ontario, Canada. 

Winterhelt and Kogut were interested in a field trial dog, and this pup was not suitable for conditions in Germany because of his range.  Winterhelt started working the dog and in 1957 won derby stakes with him at the Western New York and Tri-City Michigan Shorthair club trials and placed him 2nd at the Empire State and 3rd at the Western Ohio Shorthair club trials.

Kogut obtained full title to the dog and placed him with Bill Bowers, a pointer-setter handler of Cross Junction, Virginia.  Under Bowers guidance Kay won the York Pointer and Setter Club and Oriole derby stakes, took a third in the Broome County trial, and went 2nd in the Indiantown Gap Open Shooting Dog stake.

In the 1958 National German Shorthaired Pointer Association (NGSPA) Championship, Kay, handled by Bowers, was called backed for the second series   Kogut would then place Kay with Dick Johns, a professional Shorthair handler from Benton, Pennsylvania. 

In 1958 Dick Johns handled Kay to first place in the Mason-Dixon and Western New York Shorthair Clubs All-Age stakes and took second with him in the Open Shooting Dog stake at the Shamokin Valley Pointer-Setter Club trial.  Kay earned his American Kennel Club (AKC) field championship in March, 1958.  Kay was subsequently entered in the Seventh NGSPA Championship (American Field) which was held at the Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area from October 30th through November 1st, 1959.

Kay, running on the second day of the trial, went away with good speed on a cast down a woods line, reaching out to all likely objectives.  Kay made eyes pop when he leaped a fence without breaking stride and shortly thereafter slammed into a stylish point.  Johns produced three pheasants with Kay’s manners exemplary.  Johns led Kay a short distance away, and a minute later Kay pointed again with the handler having difficulty flushing the bird.  Kay was sent on to relocate and as Kay pointed, his bracemate, bumped the bird.  Kay handled this situation in good fashion and then had an unproductive on a running pheasant.  Kay finished his hour running at good range with long reaching strides and was found on point after time had expired.  This performance would win for Kay the NGSPA National Championship.

Kay, whose ownership passed into the hands of Dick Johns, would continue his winning ways through 1964 going runner-up in the NGSPA National Championship in 1961 and 1963, winning and placing in several Shorthair all-age stakes, and winning the Middle Atlantic Region German Shooting Dog Championship in 1963 and 1964.

Kay V D Wildburg lived a long and productive life reaching the age of seventeen years before he died.  He was the sire of 12 American Kennel Club (AKC) Field Champions and 1 Amateur Field Champion.  He was the sire of 55 German Shorthaired Pointers registered in the Field Dog Stud Book who compiled 167 wins in American Field competition.  He appeared in the pedigree of winning Shorthairs for many years and contributed greatly to the improvement of Shorthairs. 



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