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Sanjo Sin City Slicker

Sanjo Sin City Slicker

Sanjo Sin City Slicker, FDSB # 1225735, was whelped on March 22, 1984, the product of a mating of Sanjo’s Blue Bayou and Kiss Me Kate.  Michael Brittain of Kokomo, Indiana, was the breeder, Steve Harrold of Terre Haute, Indiana, was the owner with John Steger of Knox, Indiana, as the trainer and handler.

Beginning in 1985, Sanjo Sin City Slicker started his competitive career by taking second place in the derby stakes at the Buckeye, Ohio, and Four Lakes German Shorthaired Pointer Club (GSPC) along with a second at the Hilltop Pointer and Setter Club.  He then won the Middle Atlantic National German Shorthaired Pointer Association (NGSPA) Region 2 Derby, took a first in the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Nebraska derby stake, won the NGSPA Region 8 Cornhusker Derby, and followed this with a win in 1986 of the 35th NGSPA National Futurity before finishing his derby career with a win of the NGSPA Region 5 Derby Classic.

Sanjo Sin City Slicker started his adult career with an all-age win at Four Lakes and won the Region 2 NGSPA All-Age Championship.  He also carded wins and placement at the Buckeye and GSPC of Ohio before winning the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America (GSPCA) All-Age Championship in 1990.  Sanjo Sin City Slicker followed these by winning the 38th NGSPA National Championship the same year.

While he was not bred extensively, the Field Dog Stud Book records that Sanjo Sin City Slicker sired 20 winners with a total of 238 wins.  His production win record, however, is without equal.  His get won six national championships including the 1995 and 1999 GSPCA All-Age Championship, the National German Pointing Dog Association All-Age Championship in 1998, the NGSPA National Championship in 1997 and 1999, and the 1995 NGSPA National Futurity.  In addition, he sired the 1998 NGSPA Open Shooting Dog Champion and the 1999 NGSPA Open Shooting Dog runner-up.  His grand get have compiled numerous placements in GSPCA and NGSPA All-Age and Shooting Dog Championships.

Sanjo Sin City Slicker, also an American Kennel Club (AKC) Field Champion, sired 10 AKC Field Champions, four Amateur Field Champions, and one Dual Champion.  Sanjo Sin City Slicker was elected to the German Shorthaired Pointer Club Hall of Fame in 2004.  His impact on competitive and field Shorthairs has been significant.









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