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15 Year Forecast of Start Dates for Nationals at Grovespring (May 27, 2018)

The grounds at Grovespring, MO are in high demand and we have worked out the following dates, approved by the Board overseeing the grounds.


The dates available for us run behind several long-established trials. First is the Vizsla Nationals which begin Monday of the 11 th week of the year. This is followed by several AF Pointer/Setter trials.

This calendar reflects the dates available to the NGSPA. We will start on Saturday, and generally be able to arrive on Thursday for set up. The calendar looks at the NGSPA start dates over the next 15 years. It assumes a Saturday start each year. The earliest date is March 30 and the latest is April 6. Our Nationals are expect to take 14 days to run on average. Grovesprings will make accommodations if we need to run later for weather or size of entries.

2019 3-30
2020 4-4
2021 4-3
2022 4-2
2023 4-1
2024 3-30
2025 4-5
2026 4-4
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