Purina Handler Of The Year Request

Purina Handler Of The Year Request

Purina Handler of the Year Participation Form - this should be completed at least 45 days prior to your event.

For Guidelines for the Purina Handler of the Year program - click here

Purina Participation Form

Purina HOY Participation Form

Approved NGSPA Trials with an ad in American Field will receive a $400.00 payment from Purina. The following information MUST be completed


1 Under this program all American Field ads must contain the Purina logo, and this statement: “A Purina Handler of the Year Points Trial”

2. Submit your Championship Approval Form online to receive product.

3. Submit this Purina Form online or mail to Keith Richardson, 5025 Campstool Road, Cheyenne, WY 82007, or Fax 307-775-8389.

4. Submit your Essential Data forms online to receive payment. You must complete a form for each stake. Once these forms are sumitted, an invoice will be sent by Keith to Purina. Notification of the check request will be sent to the above listed email.

5.Questions? Call Bobbi Richardson at 307-637-4714 (home) or 307-630-1514 (cell). Or, email Bobbi at: wybobbi@gmail.com