Organizational Requirements

NGSPA Championship Organizational Requirements

NGSPA annual membership fees of $50.00 are due in January and should be sent to the current NGSPA secretary or pay online. Please include the name, address, phone #, and email of the Associations President, FT Chairman, and Secretary.


Submit at least 45 days prior to the event.

1. Complete an Event Approval Form on‐line for authorization of your trial by the Field Trial Date Coordinator.

2. Complete a Purina Participation Form.

3. Send a copy of your event ad to the American Field and to the NGSPA Championship coordinator.


  • Dates and site of trial.
  • Stakes: Entry fee and length of heat for each and running order.
  • Judges for each stake, including their hometown and state.
  • Closing date, time, and place.
  • Drawing date, time, and place.
  • Secretary’s name, address, and phone number.
  • Awards to be given for each stake (trophies and/or money).
  • Field Trial Chairman and stake managers (if used).
  • Entry form including DNA number required before entries close. Broke dog stakes only. Does not apply to Derbies.
  • Recognition of event sponsors and Purina logo. Include the following statement:
  • “A Purina Handler of the Year Points trial”

The American Field charges for publicizing NGSPA Championships. They will bill your organization and you will pay them directly.

Fee schedule (minimum ad space):

  • One Open Championship (1/2 page) $450
  • Two Championships (3/4 page) $650
  • All Championships (Full page) $800

Note: Fees subject to change.


Must be completed within 7 days post event.

1. Complete Essential Data Forms online. Complete one for each stake and be sure to include judge’s signatures.

2. Send one copy of the Essential Data Form for each stake to the American Field. (American Field, 542 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, IL 60605)

3. Complete Post Event Summary form online.

4. Within 30 days after the trial, send a copy of the trial results, a write‐up of the trial and pictures to the publications below and the American Field. Promptness is important! If it is late the American Field will cut the story or will not print it. Compliance is Mandatory! Failure to comply will result in cancellation of wins and your club will lose the $400 sponsorship reimbursement from Purina. Your invoice will not be processed until proof of submission is received by Handler Of The Year Chairman, Keith Richardson. In addition, the next time your association applies for an event it is in danger of being rejected.

Also send write‐up and results to: GSP Chronicle, Arlene Walker‐editor, 1050 Pronghorn Trail, Chino Valley, AZ 86323 or email it to: (Phone: 928-237-7381)


1. All Championships must be at least one hour in length.

2. All Championships must be AF sanctioned and run under the Minimum Requirements of the American Field.

3. All Championships must collect Entry Forms before the close of entries in compliance with policy.

4. To record wins in the Field Dog Stud Book, broke dogs MUST have both a FDSB number and a DNA number. Derby dogs only need a FDSB#.

5. All Classics (pre‐championships) must be at least 45 minutes in length. Derbies – 30 minutes.

6. Minimum number of dogs needed for a Championship Stake: All Age = 8, Open and Amateur Shooting Dog = 12


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HC67 Box 12, Nogal, NM 88341
Cell Phone (575) 937-2678
Email: Mike Aldrich