April 1, 2023 to conclusion

Sportsman Association Field Trial Grounds near Grovespring, Missouri


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WHEN: 8:00 a.m., Saturday, April 1, 2023

National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship
National Amateur Championship (All Age)
National Futurity
National Championship
National Shooting Dog Championship

2023 National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship: Justin Crook & Chris Meyer - Stake Managers: Art Armbrust and Dan DiMambro
2023 National Amateur Championship: James Messer & Ken Chenoweth - Stake Managers: Chad Inderman & Robin Lambourn
2023 National Futurity: Ken Chenoweth & Brandon Blum - Stake Managers: James Messer & Harvey Franco
2023 National Championship: Randy Anderson & Kent Patterson - Stake Managers: Ray Larrondo & Anthony Rusciano
2023 National Open Shooting Dog Championship: Mick Cheshire & Jerry Langford- Stake Managers: Heath Autry & Josh Nieman

National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship - $275.00
National Amateur Championship - $275.00
National Futurity - $250.00
National Championship - $300.00
National Shooting Dog Championship - $300.00

National Championships Sponsorships

Social Hour Sponsorship: $75.
Each evening during the National Championships there will be a social hour preceding dinner. Everyone is encouraged to join their fellow competitors in the club house to welcome newcomers, re-establish friendships, swamp lies, brag about your dog's performance or just unwind after a long day in the saddle.

Dog Wagon Sponsorship: $75.
Each day snacks, homemade goodies, hot coffee, and cold drinks are provided on the dog wagon for the judges, contestants, spectators, and guests.

Sponsor both for $150. (Please get your sponsorships in before April 1st!

The NGSPA thanks the individuals, Clubs, Corporations, and Associations for their generosity in years past and want to thank you and invite you to ·continue your support again this year. Without your support the Dog Wagon and Happy Hour would not be possible!

Contact Art Armbrust P: 402-639-7482 | E:


History of NGSPA National Championship at Grovespring, MO

Our NGSPA Board of Trustees has made one of the most important decisions in our history. We have decided to relocate our National Championships from Booneville, AR, to Grovespring, MO. We came to Booneville in late February, 2018, with high expectations. The reports from the fall trials were that bird carryover and grounds were the best ever.

We were shocked to find that we could use only one course which some described as a “race track”. It was so muddy that some proposed to cancel the OSD saying that riding was too dangerous. Additionally the birds rarely flew because they were so wet and unhealthy. There was a widespread sentiment that something had to be done. This was the worst, but the last five or six years were also problematic. Over 50% of the time we could only use two courses, and in the “good” years there were parts of courses 2 and 3 that were under water.

We have been happy with the work that Red and Brad have done to improve the grounds, but nothing can be done about the water and the negative impact it has had on the running of what we declare to be the best National Championship in the GSP world.

We reviewed available National Championship quality grounds and identified one that stood above the others, Grovespring, MO. We toured the grounds, met with the three person Board that oversees it, and we all agreed that this venue not only met, but exceeded our search criteria. There is no doubt in our minds that these grounds will test and challenge our dogs in ways that will lead to continual improvement of our breed.

There are three continuous courses offering a variety of groomed open fields with long tree and shrub lined edges that hold birds and show a dog well. Most of the turns flow nicely, but still require the dogs to go with their handlers. There are some hills, mixed cover and shallow creek crossings that add variety and challenge. The cover holds birds and the courses will challenge dogs, handlers and scouts. At the same time the best dogs will show well. The ground drains quickly and mud is pretty much non-existant.

In our search we found that the best venues were nearly fully booked with limited dates available for an event the size of ours. At Grovespring there were only two time slots, and the earlier one was not suitable. Our 2019 Nationals will begin on Saturday, March 30, and run through April 13 depending on entries (15 year calendar giving the Saturday start dates). The weather patterns should be good for running dogs with evenings in the forties, and days in the sixties or low seventies. Some possibility of rain but no snow or ice. Unlike the drive to Booneville in late February, it is doubtful that any attendees will encounter hazardous road conditions.

The biggest challenge will be that over the past 30 years, the dates of various NGSPA trials and individual training programs have been harmonized with the dates of Booneville. Our new dates will be disruptive in the short term, but in most cases reasonable options exist. We had no choice other than to remain at Booneville, and we considered this to be unacceptable. We trust you will agree.

We are excited to invite you to join us for the historical first break-away at the new home of the NGSPA National Championships in Grovespring, MO. Best regards,


No Cross-Over Rule

At our June, 2019 Board meeting the Board approved a change in the “No cross-over rule” to accommodate the newly added National Amateur All-Age Championship.

Beginning with the National Championships in 2020, a qualified dog may be entered in only one Amateur National Championship stake, and only one Open National Championship stake. The class of the stake (All-Age vs. Shooting Dog) may be changed between the Amateur and the Open Championships.

Nationals Qualifications and Events Held


Review past national winners and futurity placements.

NGSPA National Championship Winners

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    CHAMPION Hi N's Allison Miranda | Owners: Kirk Loftin | Handler: Kirk Loftin
    RUNNER-UP BMB's Free Rider " Lewey" | Owner: Brandon & Jennifer Blum | Handler: Brandon Blum
    JUDGES:Jack Alexandern & Jerrett Bell

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    CHAMPION HighStanding's Cuttin Edge "Woody" | Owners: Anthony & Dayna Rusciano | Handler: Anthony Rusciano
    RUNNER-UP BMB's Freeloader | Owner: Brandon & Jennifer Blum | Handler: Brandon Blum
    JUDGES: Randy Anderson & Peter Coppens

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    1st Place - In Country's Coin Toss - Owners: Dr. Robert Reynolds Handler: Chris Goegan
    2nd Place - In Countrys Air Ride Owner: Chris Young Handler: Chris Goegan
    3rd Place - Snowy rivers So Far So - Owner Mike Kindler Handler Mike Kindler
    JUDGES: James Messer & Mike Patrick

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    CHAMPION - BMB's Madison Ave - Owners: Brandon & Jennifer Blum Handler: Brandon Blum
    RUNNER-UP - Hi N's Hasty Matilda Owner: Hank Lewis Handler: Hank Lewis
    JUDGES: Justin Hess & Jeff Haggis

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    CHAMPION - PJ Wildfire Little Lexi - Owners: Larry & Kirk Loftin Handler: Kirk Loftin
    RUNNER-UP - Uodibars Robbi Jo Owner: Sherri Tangsrud Handler: Kirk Loftin
    JUDGES: Matt Solt & Laura Miller

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    2021 NGSPA National Amateur Championship

    Pictured: Back Row – Left to Right: Peggy O’Brien, David O’Brien, Sportdog/Purina Representative Jim Moorehouse, Mark Verdoorn, Judge John Rabidou, Judge Joe Orndorff - Front Row: Terry Bomer with BDK’s Twelfth Man, “Aggie”, James Messer with BMB’s Freeloader. “Hewey” and Brandon Blum

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    2021 62nd NGSPA National Futurity


    Pictured: Back Row – Left to Right: Judge John Rabidou, David O’Brien, Peggy O’brien, Keith Gulledge, Sportdog/Purina Representative Jim Moorehouse, Penny Robertson, Robin Lambourn, Richard Robertson, Dan DiMambro Front Row: Robbie Gulledge with O’Brien’s Ill-Gotten Gains “Bonnie”, Keith Richardson with PW That Was Then This Is Now “Nova”, and April Raber with Hi-N’s Dirty Secret “Badger”

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    2021 NGSPA Open Shooting Dog Championship


    Pictured: Left to Right – Back Row: Josh Nieman, Judge Buck Daniels, James Dynkiewiez, Dan DimMambo, and Judge Mark Johnson Front Row: Tami Larrondo with Autry’s Natural Chromoly Steel “Molly” and April Raber eith Rock’s Mountain Heart Rommel “Rommel”.

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    2021 NGSPA National Championship


    Pictured: Back Row – Left to Right: Terry Zigalinski. Brandon Blum, Judge Doug Myer, “Doc” Reynolds, Judge Steve Hurdle, Keith Bryant, Art Armbrust Second Row: Richard Robertson, Penny Robertson and Joe Orndorff Front Row: Josh Neiman with BMB’s Free Ride “Lewey” and Ray Larrondo with PW BDK’s Dot on the Horizon “Dot”

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    2021 NGSPA National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship


    Pictured: Left to right – Back Row: Judge Harvey Franko, James Messer, Sara Messer, Brandon Blum, Judge Tom Davis, Dan DIMambRO Front Row: Terry Bomer with MSR’s Rowdy One “Rhonda” and Hank Lewis with BMB’s Madison Ave “Madison”