ASD Invitational

Standards for Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational

The top 12 invited dogs will run one-hour stakes two days in a row. The top dogs from these two days are selected to run in a one-hour call back on the third day.

The Shooting Dog Invitational Champions must demonstrate the requisite qualities of the shooting dog class at a high level. The invitational Champion must:

  • Hunt boldly and independently throughout the brace, and should not require excessive direction from the handler.
  • Demonstrate qualities of the finished dog by consistent coursing to logical objectives, responsiveness to the handler, and maintaining a forward pattern.
  • Exhibit strength, courage, and an unquenchable desire to find game regardless of cover or conditions, not simply choosing the easy path but hunting through habitat likely to hold game.
  • Exhibit style, speed, and stamina in action.
  • Handle game correctly. Locate and point birds quickly and accurately, back if the occasion arises, and be steady to wing and shot.
  • Demonstrate extreme character and finish around game, exhibiting style, intensity, and polish.

The Invitationals seek to identify the epitome of the shooting dog class, an individual with strength, courage, intelligence, and “game sense” at the highest level. A flawless performance of pedestrian quality should not be favored over one that, although imperfect, thrills with the magnitude of the effort.

Current ASD Invitational Points (Fall 2021)

*Points earned from June 1st to May 31st
PointsName of DogOwner
AutoSnowy Rivers White OutChase & Mark Verdoorn
1460PW Indian Brook Heads UpKeith & Bobbi Richardson
612Cuttin Wild's Rebel YellMichael Patrick
508Stoney Hill's Pinnacle DeeKirk loftin
476Hi‐N's Dirty SecretHank Lewis
456Uodibar's Robbi JoSherri Tangsrud
428MSR's Lord of DragonstoneJames & Sarah Messer
428PJ Wildfire's Little LexiKirk Loftin
424PW Chicoree Kix ChicKeith & Bobbi Richardson
406Twin Creek Running RockyKirk Loftin
304Quijano's WD40David Quijano
288In‐Country's Hurricane JaneRobert Reynolds, DVM
264 BMB's Madison Ave Brandon & Jennifer Blum
264 Hi‐N's Allison MirandaKirk Loftin