Open All-Age Invitational

As with the other Invitationals, the top 12 invited dogs will run one-hour stakes two days in a row with a call back on the third day. In a move to substantially raise the “performance” bar, the call-back will be a 90-minute stake. This will be the first 90-minute endurance stake in the entire GSP world, and coming after two days of running will truly test the dogs.

This trial will be held at the Hell Creek Field Trial grounds in Mississippi. It will be the only NGSPA trial held on these challenging All-Age grounds. The launch date of this prestigious event was January 4-6,2019.

Taken together these two decisions by the NGSPA Board of Trustees are expected to raise the standards of performance for the entire GSP breed. Indeed the future is bright for those who compete and hunt this remarkable breed.

Standards for All-Age Invitational

The All-Age Invitational Champion must demonstrate the requisite qualities of the All-Age class at a high level. The following standards lean heavily on the “Guidelines to Field Trial Procedure and Judicial Practice”, published by the AFTCA. The All-Age invitational Champion should:

  • Hunt boldly and independently throughout the brace as exemplified by this time-tested quote by Jim Avent: The All-Age dog “is a dedicated hunter of upland game birds which runs off-but not quite.”.
  • Display a free spirit that fills up all the available country (plus a little) in a bold and sometimes reckless manner, yet ultimately acknowledges the control exerted by his handler and courses to the front in such a pattern as to maintain periodic, suitable contact with the handler.
  • Possess a superior nose, allowing him to hunt from objective to objective at a very fast pace, and locate game at speed.
  • Exhibit strength, courage, and an unquenchable desire to find game regardless of cover or conditions, not simply choosing the easy path but hunting through habitat likely to hold game.
  • Exhibit style, speed, and stamina in action.
  • Handle game correctly. Locate and point birds quickly and accurately, honor point if the occasion arises, and be steady to wing and shot.
  • Demonstrate extreme character and finish around game, exhibiting style, intensity, and polish.
  • Stamina is a watchword, and the All-Age dog should finish the allotted time with range, speed, and the ability to find game undiminished.
  • Range is the ultimate requirement of an All-Age dog and should be the first priority of judicial evaluation.

These standards when applied should examine the total performance of the dog with All-Age range being kept foremost in mind. The Invitational seeks to identify the epitome of the All-Age dog class, an individual with strength, courage, intelligence, and “game sense” at the highest level, operating on the cutting edge of excitement and range. A flawless performance should not be favored over one that, although imperfect, thrills with the magnitude of the effort.

Current All Age Invitational Points (Fall 2021)

*Points earned from June 1st to May 31st
PointsName of DogOwner
AutoBMB's Free RideBrandon & Jennifer Blum
1086HighStanding Cuttin Edge Anthony & Dayna Rusciano
1,072BMB's Freeloader Brandon & Jennifer Blum
936 Quailpoints Black River RustyKen & Nancy Huyser
642Rumel's Augie DoggieJim Yates & Frank Mucci
500 BMB's SamsquanchBrandon & Jennifer Blum
454PW Lonewolf's BJD. Crabbs, D Goracke, R. Larrondo
420H's Am CruiserHarlan Higginbotham & Chase Verdoorn
320Chicoree's Riden High TrixieRonald J. Alexander
300 AO Tripps To Win Alan Davison
248Hi‐N's Curtain CallHank Lewis

Winner: 2021 OSDI BMB's Free Ride "Lewey"
Owner/Handler: Brandon Blum