Dog of The Year Points

Current Points List


2019 NGSPA Open All Age Dog Of The Year-FINAL

Trials included: Nationals, Invitational, Quail, Chukar, Sharptail, Prairie Chicken, Hungarian Partridge, Pheasant, Ohio, Great Lakes, Region 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9.

Rock River’s You Can’t Handle It/Owner: Rick Heller-2179
PW BDK’s Dot On The Horizon/Owners: Keith & Bobbi Richardson-1252
PW Bert’s Joke On Us/Owners: Keith & Bobbi Richardson-1174
Lambourn’s Slick Shot/Owner: Robin Lambourn-1095
Llano’s Hot Tamale/Owners: Joe & Chad Inderman-660
Rummel’s Augie Doggie/Owners: Checklick/Turano-644
Kimber Tactical/Owner: John Kadavy-618
BMB’s Free Ride/Owners: Brandon & Jennifer Blum-610
Joke’s On You/Owner: Steve Erickson-608
Rio’s Rising Renegade/Owners: Ray & Tami Larrondo-562
Llano’s Snowbird/Owners: Joe & Chad Inderman-412
All N’s Green With Envy/Owner: Robert Reynolds-396
Texas Tuff/Owners: Kirk & Terry Bomer-384
Chicoree’s Country Fan/Owner: Fred Ryan, DVM-380
Outbak’s Let It Ride/ Owner: Linnea Hadlock-364
Llano’s Game On Dude/Owners: Joe & Chad Inderman-356
Hi N’s Bodacious/Owner: Hank Lewis-236
HghStanding Cutting Edge/Owners: Anthony & Dayna Rusciano-232
2019 NGSPA Open Shooting Dog Of The Year-FINAL

Trials included: Nationals, Invitational, Chukar, Quail, Hungarian, Pheasant, Prairie Chicken, Sharptail, Savannah River, Ohio, Great Plains, Great Lakes, Regions 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 12, 16.

Cajun’s Firecracker/Owners: Keith & Bruce Bryant-2115
Riden High Rudy/Owner: Ray Nelson-2102
Greyrock’s Mile Marker/Owner: Tom Tubergen-1183
Hi-Tailyn’s Talented Texan/Owner: Keith Bryant-1156
PW Indian Brook’s Heads Up/Owners: Keith & Bobbi Richardson-1136
Covey Up’s Controlled Burn/Owner: Mike Patrick-1030
Evergreen’s Jed Clampett/Owner: Lance Olson-982
PW Mya’s Contender/Owners: Keith & Bobbi Richardson-842
Hi N’s Hasty Matilda/Owner: Hank Lewis-772
Slaterock’s Mountain Heart/Owner: James Dynkiewicz-714
Dezasterous Jax The Ripper/Owner: Matt Smith-654
Mar Mac’s Thor Of Opalscence/Owner: Marion Maculuso-524
BDK PW Annie Oakley/Owners: Keith & Bobbi Richardson-492 Outbak’s Purdy Slick/Owner: Chuck Lane-468 Cuttin Wild’s Space Cowgirl/Owner: Michael Patrick-460
Chicoree’s Glitter & Gold/Owner: Fred Ryan, DVM-446
All N’s Green With Envy/Owner: Robert Reynolds, DVM-432
Tulli’s Shot To The Heart/Joe Amatulli-396
PW Evolution’s Re-creation/Owners: Keith & Bobbi Richardson-388 Hi N’s Bodacious/Owner: Hank Lewis-300 AO Tripps To Win/Owner: Alan Davidson-296
She’s Miles Of Sass/Owner: Patti Meldi, DVM-292
Outbak’s Rough Cut/Owner: Adam Burch-284
Chicoree Jake’s Bonnie/Owner: Fred Ryan, DVM-276
Dunfur’s Emma Frost/Owner: Clint Matthews-248
BDK’s All That Jazz/Owners: Kirk & Terry Bomer-248
In-Country’s Hurricane Jane/Robert Reynold’s DVM-248
2019 NGSPA Amateur Shooting Dog Of The Year-FINAL

Trials included: National, Invitational, Quail, Chukar, Prairie Chicken, Hungarian Partridge, Sharptail, Pheasant, Savannah River, Ohio, Great lakes, Regions 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 16.

Snowy River White Out/Owners: Chase & Mark Verdoorn-1745
Hi N’s Hasty Matilda/Owner: Hank Lewis-1734
Rock River You Can’t Handle This/Owner: Rick Heller--1255
Hi N’s Bodacious/Owner: Hank Lewis-924
Chicoree’s Sparkling Ruby/Owner: Fred Ryan--828
PW Mya’s Feather Duster/Owners< Keith & Bobbi Richardson-732
Liverhead’s Sizzlin Liz/Owner: Peter Wilkin-724
Slaterock’s Mountain Heart/Owner: James Dynkiewicz-714
Snowy River Cuttin Country/Owner: Chase Verdoorn--690
Cajun’s Firecracker/Owners: Keith & Bruce Bryant--690
Cuttin Wild’s Space Cowgirl/Owner: Michael Patrick--594
Blazen Liverhead’s Tip Topper/Owner: Peter Wilkin--498
Covey-Up’s Controlled Burn/Owner: Michael Patrick--468
Snowy River Bankin On Boz/Owner: Chase Verdoorn-462
MSR’s Lord Of Dragonstone/Owners: James & Sara Messer-420
Chicoree Jake’s Bonnie/Owner: Fred Ryan, DVM--404
Rumel’s Augie Doggie/Owners: Checklick & Turano-
Evergreen’s Jed Clampett/ Lance Olson-396
In Country’s Cummins Diesel/Owner: Chris Young-396
BMB’s Samsquanch/Owners: Brandon & Jennifer Blum-380
BMB’s Madison Avenue/Owners: Brandon & Jennifer Blum-372
Riden High Rudy/Owner: Ray Nelson-288
KC Moen’s Royal Diamond/Owner: Gary Moen-284
Snowy River Full Strut/Owner: Mark Verdoorn-284
Double M’s White On Rice/Owner: Meredith Mays-248
Tulli’s Shot To The Heart/Owner: Joe Amatulli-248
Dunfur’s Emma Frost/Owner: Clint Matthews-248
Tulli’s Faraway Giddy-up/Owner: Joe Amatulli-248
Points Schedule for DOY

*Points earned January 1st to December 31st

Champion8 points x dogs entered
Runner-Up4 points x dogs entered
Invitational8 points x dogs entered each day (day1+day2+day3)
Wild Bird Trials50 Bonus Points to Winner & Runner-Up
National Field Trial
Champion+ 775 points
Runner-Up+ 450 points
Winner+ 725 points
Champion+ 450 points
Runner-Up + 300 points
Regional and Other
Champion+ 300 points
Runner-Up + 200 points