NGSPA National Online Entry Form

Online Entry Form - NGSPA National Field Trial

*After you enter your information in this form for the first time the next time you enter the same dog this form will recall your information via the FDSB#.
*If you need to update any information on this form email updated information to Anthony Rusciano. Must include the dog's full name, FDSB#, and name and contact of the person submitting the request.
NGSPA National Online Entry Form
*Excludes Futurity
No Cross Over Rule: You may enter in only one Amateur stake and only one Open stake or the Futurity stake. *
Stake - Futurity
Stake - Amateur
Stake - Open
If you have already entered your FDSB# in this form select YES, then select your FDSB# from the drop down in the next field. If your FDSB# has not already been entered in this form then select NO and fill out entire form.
(Do NOT use this online entry form unless you have a valid FDSB#. Do NOT enter pending!)
(Do NOT enter Pending. If pending leave blank)
Not required if already entered.

By completing and submitting this form you acknowledge that you are duly authorized to make this entry and agree to the terms and conditions applicable to this entry. Send Payment to: Lori Rezzardi, Field Trial Secretary, 7798 Green Rd., Luka, IL 62849 Phone: (618) 604-1204 • Email: