DNA Requirement

DNA POLICY (Effective July 1, 2016)

The NGSPA Trustees first adopted this policy on June 3, 2012. It was first updated effective January, 1, 2014. This update will take effect July 1, 2016

POLICY: Section 6. Eligible Dogs.
All dogs entered in any NGSPA Championship must be registered as a German Shorthaired Pointer in the American Field Dog Stud Book (“FDSB”). All dogs must also have or be eligible to have an FDSB DNA number issued. If a dog wins and no FDSB DNA number has issued for the dog, the owner or agent must submit DNA to the FDSB for testing within 30 days. The host club may withhold any prize, trophy, purse money, or other award until an FDSB registration and FDSB DNA number have been provided for that dog to the host club.

  • This requirement does NOT apply to Derby stakes
  • This requirement applies to all Championship placements (Champion and Runner-Up)

  • Additional Information

  • NOTE: Late 2013 there was a change in the FDSB policy and they no longer recognize AKC DNA tests. Previously issued certificates by the FDSB remain valid.
  • DNA KITS can be obtained from the Field Dog Stud Book. Please contact their office at (312) 663-9797 ext. 29. fax 312-663-5557, or email: fdsb@americanfield.com.
  • Submit DNA kits using the Canine DNA Service Submission Form available on under the heading “Printable Forms”.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The American Field website asks for a fee of $65.00, but special consideration has been given to GSPs that have an AKC DNA number. In this case our fee is only $45.00. In order to receive this special rate, you will need to advise them of this when you register your dog, and you will be asked to provide the AKC DNA number and other corroborating information as requested.